Arrowheads- The Most Important Parts Of Arrows For Archery

While you are planning to buy archery supplies, you always need to focus not only on the bows but also on the arrows. In fact, one of the important parts of arrows is arrowhead. Arrowheads indicate the tip or end part of arrows. Usually, they are sharp so that they may touch the targets very easily. Various materials are used in order to make these arrowheads though the metal ones are chosen by most of the professional archers. You may also find the arrowheads, which are manufactured with stones.

These arrowheads may be categorised in three ways- blunt, targets and broadheads. There are several differences among these three types.

Target arrow points

While you are going to shoot for the first time, it may be the best arrowhead for your purpose. There is no barb in these arrow points, and is designed in such a way that you may hit the target in the simplest way. However, you have to manage them carefully because they sometimes penetrate the skin of animals and cause injury to them.


They are quite risky arrowheads, and their tips are made of more than three pointed blades. These blades may pierce the prey and may also lead to bleeding. These arrow points are barbed in order that all arrows may stick to a point and do not drop.

Blunt arrow tips

They are available in various sizes, and in some cases, you may get metal-made springs, which prevent the loss of arrows under any leafy areas. You can use it for hunting or for simple practice. However, never consider these arrowheads to be completely riskless. So, do not give these arrowheads to the kids.